12 Aug

As mammals we are driven by some amazingly powerful chemicals that motivate us to survive and thrive. One of these is Oxytocin, Nature's own cuddle hormone. This directs us to form bonds with others and benefit from 'safety in numbers' and a greater likelihood of forming intimate relationships and continuing our genes. 

All mammals, male and female, have this.

Here is a quick guide to how Oxytocin affects us.

If you want a boost of this powerful hormone all you have to do is positively connect with other people, pets or cuddly toys. A simple smile exchanged between neighbours will do it and in that brief moment the primitive minds feels safe, you will experience that warm glow and feel no anxiety.

For a great read about Happy Brain Chemicals I would highly recommend the book, Habits of a Happy Brain by Loretta Graziano Breuing.

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