Unwelcome, negative habits

"First we form habits, then they form us"

Dr Robert Gilbert

At a basic level we are creatures of habit and are encouraged to do  things routinely or repeatedly if at one level we associate them with our survival.  We even get a boost of feel good chemicals (like oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine) when we are about to satisfy our physiological and social needs. 

Sometimes though,  we can adopt habits that we know are not good for us. On one level we know we don't want to continue doing them because of the negative feelings we experience but on the other we find ourselves continuing to do them over and over again, despite our 'better' judgement.

These can feel like there is an inner battle going on inside us and have a wider negative affect on our confidence, self belief, our social and work patterns.

Most people have things in life that they would like to change. But...do you have a habit that is holding you back? 

Would you like to understand it and change so that you can move forward? 

Perhaps you:

  • smoke cigarettes, vape, drink too much or use other substances
  • bite your nails so that they hurt, pick at and rub parts of your body over and over
  • are involved in certain behaviour that you are not proud of or that are potentially harmful
  • go back to difficult relationships that do not allow you to grow and flourish
  • use food as a comfort when you are not really hungry or deny yourself food to try and obtain a certain feeling 
  • overdo certain things like exercise, shopping, betting, thrill seeking
  • keep checking things over and over like door knobs and switches

As hypnotherapists, we know that habit forming is something we all do and we do not judge people for the particular habit they have fallen into using.

Instead we can help you:

  • understand how and why we create habits (at some level we do these things because a part of us thinks they will help)
  • understand how our minds can help us change our habits if we approach it in the right way
  • understand how you want change and the small initial steps you would be willing to make
  • gain confidence in taking those small steps
  • use trance to strengthen your motivation and resolve
  • offer you techniques to use in between the sessions to help you practice and adopt new ways of being and be proud of yourself again

A lot of people think our brains and personality are set in stone however modern neuroscience clearly shows how adaptable, how 'plastic' our brains actually are. 

Come and talk some more about the habit you would like to change during a free initial consultation. 

Stop smoking sessions are unique and completed in a single 2 hour session. You let me know the day on which you want to finally move on from smoking. You start the session as a person who smokes and you leave as a person who doesn't. It's powerful and life changing.