Sports and performance

"Do or not do, there is no try" 

  Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back

Ok, so physically you are doing well. You are putting in the time, the training, the effort. You have the motivation, you have the commitment but you want to take your sports, athletic or competitive performance to that next level but don't know how.

You know that your mind set and attitude can make a big difference on the day, you've seen this in others and felt it in yourself. You just know when you are in the zone, when it flows.

Hypnotherapy can be extremely powerful in helping athletes and others gain clarity, focus and improve their game - so how?

Firstly, expectations on athletes and performers can be extremely high and this can be associated with high levels of anxiety. We know we perform at our best when we are motivated but not when we are anxious or stressed. Hypnotherapy can help you learn skills to become deeply calm and reduce anxiety - a better place to perform

Secondly it can help you visualise attainment, set expectations of attainment and mentally practice particular moves or skills. This is very important and can give you the edge. This is not just rhetoric, neuroscience now clearly shows how competence to perform tasks is significantly enhanced by mental practice alongside physical practice. 

Thirdly, we can help you build confidence, self belief and motivation with the use of hyposis (trance).

  • the perfect race start
  • the perfect end
  • your best entry dive
  • keeping momentum alive
  • getting back up, no giving up
  • that landed punch
  • a goal in the net 
  • having no doubt
  • strength and power
  • a winning mind

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