Our relationship with food

“Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate” – Jo Brand

Food is of course essential to our very survival. Having access to nutritious, real food is scientifically proven to be associated with us living healthy, fulfilled and long lives. Food can be a beautiful pleasure but for some of us it can be a curse and present us with many challenges. 

For some people, our instinctive drives coupled with the availability of highly refined tempting goodies can lead to repeated cycles of comfort eating and weight gain (or short lived moments of feeling good followed by periods of disappointment and disillusionment).

For some of us, food can become a fearful thing and associated with concerns about our look, our image, our status and our worth. This can lead to people to restrict and denying themselves food, losing too much weight, even to a life threating level. 

People who experience either situation often know quite a lot about what food means to them but may not understand the internal mechanisms that drive them to repeat behaviour that they know to be  harmful. 

If you are unhappy with your use of and associations with food, why not come along for an informal conversation as part of an initial free consultation?

Hypnotherapy could help you:

  • reduce your general levels of anxiety or depression that could be a contributing factor
  • understand what is going on inside your body and mind to create these cycles of behaviour
  • set goals and realistic safe steps towards them which will help you build back your confidence and pride in yourself
  • visualise how you want to be
  • boost your confidence and resolve to moving forward using hypnosis (trance)

If you struggle with food, you are not alone.

You are however very capable of making changes and getting back in control.