Fears and phobias

"Sometimes our greatest fear is that of fear itself"

  Adapted from quote by Franklin D Roosevelt

Are you afraid of spiders, certain animals or birds, closed in spaces, outside spaces,  certain situations, flying in an aeroplane,  driving on the motorway, bananas, cotton wool, people's eyebrows, certain sounds which evoke certain memories, bodily functions like being sick, particular everyday objects? 

This list is actually endless and people can acquire irrational fears of all sorts of things. 

Does your fear bring you out in a cold sweat, make your heart beat really fast or feel a powerful sense of dread?  

Are you adjusting your life around a fear? 

Are you denying yourself things you really want to do in life because of a fear?

If yes, please know that you are not alone. Phobias and fears are more common than you might think.

Hypnotherapy has a  strong record in helping people overcome specific fears and phobias. We approach this using what is known as a Rewind and Reframe technique. This offers the mind an alternative memory template whilst you are in a very calm, relaxed and unthreatening frame of mind. In many situations our brains will readily adopt this alternative memory at a subconscious level releasing us from years of torment.

Specific phobic response can usually be 'turned off' for good in 4 sessions:

  1. The initial consultation
  2. The preparation session
  3. The Rewind session
  4. The Reframe session

Ideally clients will purposefully face their fear within about 4 days of the last session and see and feel  a real difference.

If people have a wider range of fears coupled with generally high anxiety, we would tend to offer general therapy to help reduce anxiety levels before suggesting the above.

Why not get in touch and book a free initial consultation and let me explain this in more detail.