"Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.” 

  Henry Ford 

Everyone's confidence and self belief gets knocked from time to time. It's a natural part of life to get thrown off balance and have to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. 

But are you being held back by a lack of confidence? 

Have you had the confidence knocked out of you?

Do you need a confidence boost?

As hypnotherapists we recognise how vitally important confidence is and how a lack of it often presents people with barriers to achieving the life they want to lead.

To help boost your confidence, hypnotherapy sessions will help you to:

  • understand why different parts of our mind can become fearful of expressing ourselves and our true wishes
  • visualise, to 'see' and feel yourself becoming more confident
  • decide on a first, small step you will take on your road to becoming more confident
  • use hypnosis (trance) to tap into the vast problem solving capability and resourcefulness of your mind, to help bolster your ability to take those first steps
  • give you tools to help you practice being more confident

As solution focused hypnotherapists we know that taking those first steps is crucial because it starts to build momentum and a positive cycle of achievement. The second step is often not as difficult as the first and before long people who come to see us can really transform their confidence and self-belief and be their best selves.