7 Week Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Group Programme

Are you you looking to lose weight? Have you tried to lose weight before but found it difficult to achieve and maintain your goals? This new hypnotherapy-based programme could be exactly what you've been looking for. (A mind, body and food approach). Seven weeks, Sunday mornings 10.00am to 11.15am. A wonderful venue. Sound interesting? Get in touch to find out more? Starts soon.

  • Date: 26/09/2021 10:00 AM
  • Location: Wellness and Yoga, Jordans Courtyard, Ilminster. Somerset. TA19 9PY (Map)


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The Behypnotherapy Weight Loss Programme

For all of us

A Mind Body and Food Approach

The trouble with diets

Many people find it difficult to lose weight and try lots of different diets. Some of us seem to make really good progress in the short term but find it difficult to maintain this over the long term. Some of us experience cycles of determination, motivation and progress followed by disappointment and frustration as we put all the weight back on. Some of us know what is good for us and have great intentions but feel a strong compulsion to eat the wrong things and eat in the wrong way. Does this sound familiar to you?

Why might this be? What might be missing from how we approach this?

The people we are talking about is you, me and most of us. We are intelligent, strong people in many areas of our lives. We hold a lot together. We have the determination and the will to make changes but we keep falling down with our diet. We are not weak people. So why is this part of our life so difficult? 

I have developed a new programme based on my hypnotherapy training and my interest in this really important topic. I have followed the approach myself and already lost a stone in weight. I am really enjoying my new choices, so much so that I really don't want to go back.

A new approach

I believe my new 7 week group programme offers something genuine and something different. It is not another diet or a quick fix. It doesn't tell you the types of food that you are and are not allowed. It doesn't ask you to go hungry and feel miserable. It is not a battle of wills.

The programme is different because it helps you, in a real way:

  1. understand how to get your mind and your instinct on your side (working for you not against you)
  2. listen and reconnect with your body, your actual hunger not your habits, how much food is enough for  you and what food makes you feel great

Most importantly, the programme sets you up to make long term, preferable lifestyle changes that make you feel better and more alive. We are talking about 1 or 2 pounds of weight loss per week over the long term coupled with other positive changes.

The programme believes in you and treats you with a huge amount of respect for who you are, what you already know and your capabilities.

The programme is fun and enjoyable and like nothing you have experienced before.


The Behypnotherapy Weight Loss Group programme uses techniques from solution-focused hypnotherapy. We'll pay a lot of attention to what you want to achieve (not what you don't). We'll  focus on what works for you, what you discover each week and the small tangible realistic steps you will make each week toward the life you want.

When it comes to tracking your progress, there will be no weighing and shaming. Instead you will privately monitor what we refer to as CORP outcomes (https://www.corp-outcomes.com):

  • Positivity
  • Interactions with others in your life
  • Activity, movement
  • Confidence
  • Sense of achievement
  • Overall happiness

Specifically to this programme you will also choose a specific weight related measure of your choosing. This could be your weight, your Body Mass Index or your waist circumference for example.

A new relationship with food

The programme will give you the knowledge, the time and the support to establish a new relationship with food from a mind and body perspective. It is about living and enjoying food and achieving a healthier weight.

The programme themes

The programme consists of 7 sessions, each of about 1 hour 15 minutes long. Each week we take an important theme and encourage you make one change, however small. The 7 themes are as follows:

Week 1 - Becoming conscious about food - helping you get your mind on our side

Week 2 - Exploring your beliefs and identity when it comes to food

Week 3 - What already does you good - remembering all the things that you know really help

Week 4 - Your healthy weight environment - helpful triggers, habits and rituals

Week 5 - Mealtimes - what really works for you - learning how to enjoy natural and good hungry feelings and a taste bud sensation

Week 6 - Food choices - changing the types of food that make you feel better

Week 7 - What you've learnt, what really worked for you. Your plan for the longer term. 

3 month and 6 month follow up

By the end of the 7 weeks you will have the knowledge, tools and confidence to make long term change that makes you feel better.  To help people keep on track, there are two additional sessions planned at 3 months and 6 months. These are an opportunity to celebrate success, refresh learning and give you a boost to continue. (These follow up sessions are charged additionally at £10 per person).

The session format

The sessions use techniques from solution-focused hypnotherapy and will typically follow this format:

  • What's been good, what's been better, what have you discovered?
  • Your personal progress check
  • This week's topic
  • Seeing and believing our best selves
  • The change you will make in the coming week
  • Motivational and confidence boost

Download a copy of the programme

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy (pdf low).pdfss Hypnotherapy (pdf low).pdf

Programme cost and what's included

The whole programme costs £95. This includes attendance at all the sessions, a programme guide book, online support and a copy of a unique self hypnosis weight loss audio.

The additional 3 month and 6 month follow up sessions are charged separately at £10 per person.

The Registration Form is here: Take a look.


Payment and Refund Policy

The programme can be paid by card, BACS or cash. 

If paying the whole amount in one go is difficult for you, please get in touch to discuss paying by instalments.

The refund policy is simple. If you start to attend the programme but decide that it's not for you, I will happily refund the cost of any remaining sessions (if you give me 48 hours notice of your wish to do so). It's no problem. We want people to be happy.

Get in touch to find out more

If the programme is of interest to you please get in touch to find out more or book directly.

I look forward to meeting you.

Andy Hill

Hypnotherapist - Solution-focused